Tandem Talk

A quarterly financial podcast sharing history, insight, and market commentary from our Investment Team.

February 2023

Episode 11

In this episode of Tandem Talk, the team touches on a broad range of topics; from the massive job layoffs we see spreading across industries, to the path of interest rates and earnings, to the red hot markets we are experiencing so far this year. The team reflects on current financial conditions and why we are seeing companies with the weakest balance sheets outperforming the rest. Tandem bids adieu to a long-time core holding and comments on the difference between timing the market and following a discipline. Where we go from here and what exactly that may look like is all covered in this episode of Tandem Talk. We hope you enjoy!

Investment Team:

John Carew, President & Founder

Billy Little, CFA, Senior Vice President

Ben Carew, CFA, Vice President

Jordan Watson, CFA, Associate Portfolio Manager

Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this podcast should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell.
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