Tandem Talk

A quarterly financial podcast sharing history, insight, and market commentary from our Investment Team.

August 2021

Episode 5

Tandem Talk 5 is finally here, and the Tandem Team shares some quality conversation on all that has gone in this summer. Beginning with what is happening inside Tandem portfolios and transitioning to what is going on in the rest of the financial world, the talk is lively, mildly informative, and sometimes humorous. And TT5 concludes with a new feature – everyone’s One Big Thing.

Featured Speakers:

John Carew, Billy Little, CFA, Ben Carew, CFA, and Jordan Watson, CFA

Producer, Audio & Sound Engineer: Margaret White
Music & Composition: Lauren Crapanzano

Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this podcast should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell.
Podcast Inquires: Please email Elaine Natoli at [email protected]

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