Tandem Talk

A quarterly financial podcast sharing history, insight, and market commentary from our Investment Team.

November 2022

Episode 10

Our 10th Episode of Tandem Talk is here and we have a lot to cover! In this episode, we discuss how to find opportunities in bear market rallies and how to better understand “the market”. Our team shares with listeners the meaning of Tandem’s bottom-up methodology and what role it plays in investing in markets like today’s. Think in terms of company by company instead of the stock market as a whole. And lastly, we share our philosophy for managing the ups and downs of the stock market over time; expect them, prepare for them, and work through them – company by company.

Investment Team:

John Carew, President & Founder

Billy Little, CFA, Senior Vice President

Ben Carew, CFA, Vice President

Jordan Watson, CFA, Associate Portfolio Manager

Disclaimer: Nothing contained in this podcast should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell.
Podcast Inquires: Please email Elaine Natoli at [email protected]

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