How can I work with Tandem?

Tandem is available through many financial advisors. Please email Elaine Natoli (enatoli@tandemadvisors.com) and she can advise you.  If you are an individual investor, please contact your Financial Advisor. 

What is the difference in Tandem’s three strategies?

Large Cap Core

Large Cap Core (LCC) seeks to provide less-volatile returns and rising income over a complete market cycle. LCC requires that portfolio companies consistently grow both earnings and dividends. Dividends must be paid to be included in LCC. Dividend growth justified by earnings growth should allow stocks to perform well over time regardless of economic or market conditions.


Equity seeks to produce superior returns with less volatility over a complete market cycle. Equity requires that portfolio companies consistently grow earnings and dividends if dividends are paid. Unlike LCC, Equity does not require portfolio companies to pay a dividend.

Mid Cap Core

Mid Cap Core (MCC) seeks to produce superior returns with less volatility over a complete market cycle, The Mid Cap strategy is identical to the Equity strategy with one caveat – initial investments can only be made in companies under a $20 billion market cap. MCC requires portfolio companies to consistently grow earnings and dividends, if dividends are paid.

How do I learn more about the Castle Tandem Fund (TANDX)?

For more information, please contact Castle Investment Management at (703) 260-1921.

The Castle Tandem Fund is distributed by Rafferty Capital Markets, LLC.

You can also follow this link for more information. 

What is the difference in Tandem’s three commentary pieces?


The TANDEM Report is our quarterly client-centric newsletter that contains our current views and news.
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Observations is a monthly advisor-centric column that touches on a variety of different current issues – financial market commentary, economic themes, corporate earnings and Tandem investment strategy updates.
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Notes from the Trading Desk is our bi-monthly commentary that discusses current news and market observations.
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Does Tandem accept accounts as they exist?

Whenever possible, Tandem prefers to accept new accounts as they exist, already invested. Based upon the client’s current holdings and account restrictions, Tandem will devise a plan to transition the account appropriately over time.

Request a client proposal on our contact form.

How do I receive client materials?

For any material requests, please email Elaine Natoli (enatoli@tandemadvisors.com) .

Does Tandem do events or panels?

Yes! Tandem loves to partner with financial advisors to host client events. Please email Elaine Natoli (enatoli@tandemadvisors.com)  to help make your next event a success! 

Great questions! Have more? Feel free to email Elaine Natoli  (enatoli@tandemadvisors.com) and we would be happy to help.