Willing to be Different

The Tandem Experience

Tandem is a low volatility equity manager unlike other managers. Limiting volatility while providing a consistent investment experience keeps Tandem’s clients invested through all markets.

A Different Portfolio Manager

Tandem relies upon a quantitative investment process that seeks to identify businesses that grow through any economic environment, and then values those businesses using its time-tested mean-reversion model.

“Willing to be Different”

This is not a catch phrase we market haphazardly, but rather a belief, a discipline, and an experience that we have worked hard to create. When you truly are Willing to be Different, you are not concerned with conforming to an industry norm; you are not concerned with being a solution for all. We take great pride in not conforming or changing who we are to fit the most recent narrative.

William “Billy” L. Little, Jr., CFA
Vice President and Portfolio Manager

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