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Observations ~ September 1st, 2017

Financial Markets Review August managed to have a few more fireworks than the previous couple of months.  On two separate days, the S&P 500 declined roughly 1.5% due to tensions with North Korea and apparent dysfunction among leaders in the White House.  The fact we saw...

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Observations ~ August 3rd, 2017

Trends to Watch I typically start my Observations by giving a review of the U.S. equity markets followed by a few Tandem strategy updates.  However, given the flurry of activity in our various strategies, I’m going to just give you a few quick takes on the...

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Observations ~ July 5th, 2017

Financial Markets Review With the first half of 2017 in the books, the overarching theme thus far has undoubtedly been the lack of volatility in the U.S. equity markets.  Stocks have managed to side step numerous macroeconomic misses, monetary tightening with a keen focus on unwinding...

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Observations ~ June 3rd, 2017

Financial Markets Review If you are just waking up from a month-long slumber, I’m here to report that May was void of excitement. In fact, the month of May was downright boring as far as the equity markets go. For the first half of the month,...

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