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Observations ~ March 2nd, 2018

Financial Markets Review Coming into February it was well documented how equity markets in the U.S. and around the world were shattering records daily. The low volatility and one-way nature of stocks led many financial pundits and high-profile money managers to claim this time is different....

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Observations ~ February 1st, 2018

Financial Markets Review January was certainly an exciting month. And as I write this column, the first couple days of February have been even more so. If it weren’t for the last few days in January, the S&P 500 was on track to annualize a return...

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Observations ~ January 1st, 2018

Financial Markets Review Go figure – one of the most volatile times in 2017 for the U.S. equity markets occurred in the last few minutes on the last day of the year to trade. Over the final 25 minutes, the S&P 500 dropped 12 points. More...

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Observations ~ December 4th, 2017

Financial Markets Review Equity markets around the world continued their ascent higher through November. The MSCI All-Country Index rose for its 13th consecutive month, which is the longest uninterrupted monthly streak on record. Domestically, the S&P 500 Total Return Index advanced 3.07% to also log its...

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