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Nam liber tempor cum soluta nobis

Observations ~ December 4th, 2017

Financial Markets Review Equity markets around the world continued their ascent higher through November. The MSCI All-Country Index rose for its 13th consecutive month, which is the longest uninterrupted monthly streak on record. Domestically, the S&P 500 Total Return Index advanced 3.07% to also log its...

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Observations ~ November 4th, 2017

Financial Markets Review With two months left to go, it looks as if the equity markets may have clear sailing into year-end. The S&P 500 breezed through what has been the most anxious months of trading. In the past, August and September have been the two...

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Market Movers & Shakers

Another week is in the books and a rather muted week it was. The S&P closed up 15 bps, the Nasdaq was up a quarter of a percent, and the Russell was down 50 bps. Sector performance was mixed with defensive sectors largely leading the...

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Observations ~ October 4th, 2017

Financial Markets Review And, the snoozefest rolls on through September and into what is historically the most volatile time of the year. The U.S. equity markets are on a one-way mission – higher amidst a lack of volatility. The S&P 500 broke through 2,500 to close...

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Observations ~ September 1st, 2017

Financial Markets Review August managed to have a few more fireworks than the previous couple of months.  On two separate days, the S&P 500 declined roughly 1.5% due to tensions with North Korea and apparent dysfunction among leaders in the White House.  The fact we saw...

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Observations ~ August 3rd, 2017

Trends to Watch I typically start my Observations by giving a review of the U.S. equity markets followed by a few Tandem strategy updates.  However, given the flurry of activity in our various strategies, I’m going to just give you a few quick takes on the...

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